February Box

Theme: Brand Takeover

It's a brand takeover! We're excited to announce our collaboration with Tress Organix. Subscribers will receive five items in their February box. Four of the items will include full-size haircare products from Tress Organix.

November Box 

Theme: Silk Press SZN 

(Box Valued at $90)

CURLS4U will provide our subscribers with five full-size hair and body care products as you transition into 'Silk Press SZN.'

Tress Organix Smoothing Silk Cream with Honey & Hibiscus. Perfect for adding moisture and sheen to dry hair types and reduce breakage.

Alimaj Essentials Hair Retention Elixir formulated to revive dull or damaged hair. 

Bixa Beauty Bellef of the Ball Lipstick. Perfect to wear to all the holiday events this season. 

Edge control and claw clip we love any product that lays our edges down and helps keep our hair out of way when needed.

Use code: WELCOME20 at checkout to receive 20% off your first box.

August Box

Theme: It's Wash-Day 

1. Beyond The Curls Shea Butter & Chamomile Shampoo

Great for oily hair, use shampoo on the scalp only.

2. Beyond The Curls Shea Butter & Chamomile Conditioner

Use Conditioner after every shampoo. Apply conditioner to the ends of hair.

3. BellaShirCosmetics Hibiscus Deep Conditioner

Strengthening, moisture-rich deep conditioner that protects the hair against frizz, dryness, & breakage.

4. BellaShirCosmetics Leave-In Creme 

Milky textured daily moisturizer that brings forth long-lasting moisture, softening hair strands, and preventing severe dryness, breakage, and spilt ends.

5. Charmica Bernette Skincare With Sea Moss

Natural Handmade Products that will leave your skin feeling hydrated, moisturized, and smooth.

May Box

Theme: Travel SZN

Products 4U

1. Control Hair Care

Mega Moisture Masque

Moisturize, soften and rejuvenate dry, damaged, and brittle hair

2. Control Hair Care

Hawaaiian Kukui Nut Oil

Infused with Hemp Oil spray on dry areas for added moisture and shine.

3. Control Hair Care

Twist and Shout Styler

Extremely define twist and braid outs

4. Chubby Curls 

Slips Right Through My Fingers

Leave-In Conditioner & Detangler

5. Tori Prince Beauty 

Skin 2.0 Collection

6. Kathys Creams 

Whipped Shea Butter Cream

February Box

Theme: Brand Takeover

Products 4U (Valued at $90)

1. Royalty Oil Hair Growth & Scalp Treatment

Multi-use pure oil blend that rejuvenates the scalp, softens, and seals the hair without leaving the hair greasy or weighed down.

2. Crown Defining Custard

Made with ingredients to define, add shine, and adds a light-medium hold for your crown of curls. 

3. Moisturizing Curl Cream

HYDRATE, NOURISH, & DEFINE your crown of curls with Royalty Curls Leave-In Styling Cream.

4.  Leave-In Crown Spritz

Use this as a daily refresher to promote hair growth, detangle, or refresh and strengthen your styles or wash-n-go.

5. Hair Scalp Massager

Shampoo Brush Soft Silicone Bristles Scalp Brush for all hair types

November Box

Theme: Silk Press SZN

  1. Products 4U (Valued at $100)

1. Nature's Little Secret - Lemon & Rosemary Clarifying Shampoo:

Clarifying shampoo that helps to remove product build up, dirt, and oil without that straw-like feel. 

2. Nature's Little Secret - Rose Hydrating Conditioner

Creamy hydrating conditioner that will help to detangle your hair with ease and leave your hair soft and manageable.

3. Nature's Little Secret - Avocado Moisture Cream

Blended with avocado oil and butter to soften your curls, improve manageability, and promote length retention.

4. Tazz Lyfe - Satin Lined Ear Warmer Headband 

Satin lined beanie headband for your natural hair! Whether you have straight or curly hair, extensions, braids or locs. Satin lining helps lock in your hair’s moisture that regular beanies absorb through the yarn or fabric. 

5. Buttered By Bri - Body Butter

Luxurious body butters are great for dry, dull skin. Enriched in butters and oils, this body butter will leave your skin feeling smooth and nourished.

6. Fantasia Hair Care Industries Heat Protector 

A highly concentrated formula protects hair against heat damage from flat irons, hair dryers, and curling irons

August Box

Theme: It's Wash Day 

Products 4U (Valued at $45+)

1. Olies Oil- Hol' Up Edge Control

Hol’ Up Edge Control is something for all the curls. From holding up ponytails to holding back fly aways. None of the flaking and caking. $9.99

2. Ernie's Blend - Westside Grounds Coffee Company

Freshly roasted ground coffee from Guji Ethiopia region. This coffee has notes of berry, cocoa, toffee and flora. $12.00

3. Large Jelly Color Hair Claw Clip

Big Rectangle Hair Clamp

to hold all hair types together. Perfect for natural hair, straight hair, wash day and braids. $5.00

4. Hairlemonaid - Hair Lemon Aid Scalp & Hair Booster

Refreshing scalp and curl booster that helps prevent dandruff and build up and also helps hydrate and moisturize the hair. WILL NOT change hair color as it does not include lemon juice. $12.99

5. Double Sided Edge Control Comb and Brush

Made from high quality bristles, a practical hair beauty tool to use edge control gel evenly and quickly. $6.00

May Box

Products 4U $65 Retail Value

1. New Lengths Hair, Curl Defining Gel

Provides a strong hold without hard crunch or flaking and moisturizes hair thanks to nourishing coconut milk and Manuka honey extract. Retail: $14.99

2. New Lengths Hair, Leave-In Conditioner

Made with coconut milk for hair nourishment and Manuka honey for moisture, this lightweight formula easily seeps into strands and leaves hair pillowy soft and hydrated. Retail: $13.99

3. New Lengths Hair, Moisturizer & Styling Cream

Honey Moisturizer and Styling Cream' applies like velvety smooth icing and melts tangles like butter. The results are pillowy soft locks that remain hydrated for multiple days after washing. Retail: $15.99

4. Sunshine Natural Beauty, Calendula Glow Face and Body Serum 

Face and Body Serum to help give you a natural glow. Perfect for sensitive skin. Retail: $5

5. SassyCreationsBonnets, Sassy Sprayer

Continuous spray bottle Useful for adding your favorite hair care products to spritz on your hair. Retail: $8.50

One Year Anniversary Box 

February 2022 was our One Year Anniversary box and we were so excited to collaborate with The Ashli James Collection.

 Established in 2014, Ashli James Collection is a bold clothing brand that is rooted in the vibrant culture and colors of the African diaspora. We are Black, we are proud and we hope our garments inspire new creative heights in your everyday life.  

$90 Retail Value


The Ashli James Collection best-selling bonnet in an exclusive print! Large enough to handle all your curls, braids, locs and more with plenty of room. Outer shell is 100% cotton. Lining is satin, designed to keep your hair healthy. Retail: $30


Transition from day to night in this luxurious and chic headwrap. The styling options are endless. Get creative! Retail: $22


Show your Black pride without saying a word. Use this as a book bag, grocery bag, cookout bag or the whatever-you-need bag. Retail: $20  

Additional Items:

SATIN SCRUNCHIE by Weekend In LA Jewelry

CURLS4U One Year Anniversary Pop Stopper by k.p.services

November 2021 Box 

Danielle Sutton, BSN,RN, Founder and CEO of Black Jasmine Group, All Natural Self- Care. Established in 2019, My husband Stephan Sutton, BSN,RN, Founder and CFO from Chicago joined forces with me to help disperse a message of love, equality, and simple self love to our community. We shouldn't sacrifice our well being for our mundane activities, no matter what age you are. Regardless where you come from, what your made of, you should have the opportunity to indulge in all natural self care.Aside from our jobs as Registered Nurses, we created diverse products with simple all natural ingredients at an affordable price. From items such as home cleansing tools like Sage, Aromatherapy candles, and essential oils to hair and body care products like JBUTTER, JSPOT OIL, and infused sugar scrubs.All great things come after time and focus. We understand that concept and are fully devoted to building for ourselves and countless families. We would love to leave a legacy of showing love to all, while offering natural health options and wellness alternatives. In a world with many uncertainties, as health care professionals, we desire to see a healthier loving population with diverse options.Live and Love Life,Black Jasmine Group… All Natural Self Care