One Year Anniversary Box 

February 2022 was our One Year Anniversary box and we were so excited to collaborate with The Ashli James Collection.

 Established in 2014, Ashli James Collection is a bold clothing brand that is rooted in the vibrant culture and colors of the African diaspora. We are Black, we are proud and we hope our garments inspire new creative heights in your everyday life.  

 What Was In The Box?

$90 Retail Value


The Ashli James Collection best-selling bonnet in an exclusive print! Large enough to handle all your curls, braids, locs and more with plenty of room. Outer shell is 100% cotton. Lining is satin, designed to keep your hair healthy. Retail: $30


Transition from day to night in this luxurious and chic headwrap. The styling options are endless. Get creative! Retail: $22


Show your Black pride without saying a word. Use this as a book bag, grocery bag, cookout bag or the whatever-you-need bag. Retail: $20  

Additional Items:

SATIN SCRUNCHIE by Weekend In LA Jewelry

CURLS4U One Year Anniversary Pop Stopper by

November 2021 Box 

Danielle Sutton, BSN,RN, Founder and CEO of Black Jasmine Group, All Natural Self- Care. Established in 2019, My husband Stephan Sutton, BSN,RN, Founder and CFO from Chicago joined forces with me to help disperse a message of love, equality, and simple self love to our community. We shouldn't sacrifice our well being for our mundane activities, no matter what age you are. 

Regardless where you come from, what your made of, you should have the opportunity to indulge in all natural self care.

Aside from our jobs as Registered Nurses, we created diverse products with simple all natural ingredients at an affordable price. From items such as home cleansing tools like Sage, Aromatherapy candles, and essential oils to hair and body care products like JBUTTER, JSPOT OIL, and infused sugar scrubs.

All great things come after time and focus. We understand that concept and are fully devoted to building for ourselves and countless families. We would love to leave a legacy of showing love to all, while offering natural health options and wellness alternatives. In a world with many uncertainties, as health care professionals, we desire to see a healthier loving population with diverse options.

Live and Love Life,

Black Jasmine Group… All Natural Self Care